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Wellbeing, hygiene and a desire for new emotions: the post-Covid beauty trends

After months of lockdown and social distancing, we are cautiously moving on, even if our habits are still feeling the effects of the scrupulous attention we have been giving to hygiene and safety. Thanks to the knowledge and experiences gained during the lockdown period, consumers have learnt to take care of their well-being and are looking forward to resume their daily lives, excited to taste a rediscovered freedom.

This is the scenario described in a CosmoTrends report prepared by the agency Beautystreams in occasion of Cosmoprof North America, which was held in person last August in Las Vegas.

After examining the applications of exhibiting companies participating in the event, Beautystreams experts have identified ten macro trends that are influencing the evolution of cosmetic products consumption on a global level.

Are you ready to discover the beauty trends of the future months?

Wellbeing, hygiene and a desire for new emotions: the post-Covid beauty trends

: Like ocean barrier reefs, our natural barrier, the skin, also needs to be safeguarded, as it protects our body from bacteria, microorganism and viruses. The new multifunctional formulations reactivate the balance of the skin’s micro biome, promoting healthy, hydrated, and high-functioning skin, and donating a healthier look. 

CULT OF CBD: The growth of CBD continues relentlessly. More and more people are looking for natural alternatives to pharmaceutical products to deal with pain, anxiety, depression, inflammation and insomnia. The legalization of CBD around the world is boosting the market. Growing clinic trials and investments in research are promoting the development of innovative extracts and blends.

RETURN OF PLAY: After having to give up on make-up and social activities during the pandemic, it is now time to have fun! Free from the social distancing restrictions, we have the green light for new experiences and experimentations. Inspired by the countless beauty tutorials watched during the lockdown, it is time to take creative risks and have fun with colors, textures and treatments.

GO WITH THE GLOW: Goodbye sallow skin and welcome brightness! After more than a year of lockdown restrictions, everyone is longing for a glowing skin, a reflection of health and wellbeing. We are becoming more aware of the impact that our lifestyle, our sleeping quality and our stress levels have on our health contributing to overall skin appearance. Giving new energy to the skin and regain a radiant look are the first, most important rules of the daily beauty routine. 

JUST COMPOSE IT: The drive towards a more aware consumption also inspires cosmetic brands, ready to review their supply chains and look at new biodegradable packaging solutions. On the market, bio plastics are increasing. They deteriorate at 90% within 180 days in specific conditions. Other materials, like paper, sugar cane, mushrooms, agar, seaweed and food waste by-products are able to decompose in harmless particles that do not contain micro plastics. These are the new solutions for the safeguard of our planet. 

AT-HOME TWEAKMENTS: The progress of technological cosmetic devices, in terms of formulations and ingredients, offer many alternatives to professional cosmetic treatments. During the lockdown, many people have become more aware of their imperfections, real or perceived, also thanks to the time spent in front of a camera (the “zoom effect”), and are now investing in high-performance, safe and immediate DIY skincare. As devices become smarter, especially if used in combination with innovative products, the results will drastically reduce the need for more expensive and invasive procedures. 

AGE OF MULTICULTURALISM: People who identify as more than one race are today the fastest growing category, as identified by a recent Census. This involves different needs when it comes to beauty, skincare and cosmetics, which remain unfulfilled by the limited selection of products available on the market.   Many brands are now starting to develop personalized solution for diverse and underserved consumers, finding inspiration in cross-cultural differences and multiculturalism. 

NAILING IT: During the pandemic months, people have spent a lot of time in their homes, working and meeting through Zoom calls, which keep the spotlight on faces and hands. Thanks to countless beauty tutorials and the closure of salons, consumers had to rethink their nail care. Social media “nailfluencers” are growing in popularity, transforming DIY manicures into sophisticated artistic creation, as a form of self-expression. People are not only experimenting with colors, textures, finishes, and extraordinary nail art, they are also looking to enhance nail health, which is increasingly perceived as an extension of skin health.

MINDFUL RITUALS: Mindful rituals speak to the desire of nurturing the mind and body, especially during stressful times. These rituals help giving meanings to beauty routines, such as a long soak in the bath or slow massage to nourish the body with an indulgent cream. They also represent a way to switch off from the day’s events in order to reach a state of physical and mental well-being.

KEEP CALM AND WAX ON: At-home waxing market in the U.S. was valued at US$2.6 billion in 2020; China is forecast to reach an estimated market size of US$3.9 billion by the year 2027. Beyond hair removal, there is a growing interest in taking care of the skin. This latest requirement is matched by next-generation waxing kits, which are now offering products enriched with buzzed-about ingredients, and product forms that prioritize ease and hygiene. 

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