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Water and the cosmetics industry: company involvement, consumer education

Water is the most precious element on our planet: it is the cradle of life on the planet and the resource that keeps us alive and healthy every day, but it is an element that we all too often take for granted. According to the WWF the continuous increase in the world population, the growth of industrial activities and large-scale agriculture are constantly reducing the amount of water available for everyone. It is estimated that by 2025 two thirds of the global population will suffer from water scarcity.

The topic of water scarcity is increasingly coming to the attention of businesses and operators in the beauty industry. In recent years there has been more and more talk of “waterless beauty”, with innovative solutions for water-free formulations. But is this really the best solution?

Water has always been one of the basic ingredients of cosmetic formulations: it is a filler, a solvent that improves the consistency and proper distribution of the product. Nonetheless, according to a recent study published by Harper's Bazaar in late 2020, for an approach that is mindful of water management, the cosmetics industry must act upstream, controlling the water used for the cultivation or extraction of raw materials, for the processing of packaging materials, for transportation and for the final use of the product. These are the phases responsible for the elevated waste of water that companies are being asked to reduce. And the end consumer needs to be educated as well, ensuring greater awareness about how to use a cosmetic properly and how to reduce the waste of water through a constant dialogue between the producer and the consumer. Several Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna exhibitors have decided to take up the challenge.

Water and the cosmetics industry: company involvement, consumer education image 1
Water and the cosmetics industry: company involvement, consumer education image 2
Water and the cosmetics industry: company involvement, consumer education image 2


Maletti is an Italian company, founded in 1936, that provides furnishings and accessories for hairdressers and beauty salons. This past December the company provided its network of international distributors with a brochure offering practical advice for a sustainable parlor. Proper water management is a key topic for Maletti: a typical parlor with an average of 20 customers per day consumes an estimated 540,000 liters of water each year. Among the solutions offered by the company is the Eden hair washing chair with steam treatment. This system, exclusively developed by Maletti Group, increases treatment efficiency, and can be used by the hairdresser to moisturize, remove dandruff and impurities, and improve microcirculation providing protection against hair loss for an effect on a par with treatments that are normally provided in consecutive steps. As a result, the water ordinarily used for the different washing and rinsing cycles is immediately spared.


Iteritalia, founded in 1977, has developed a broad variety of Made in Italy soaps thanks to the constant support provided by Saponificio Rondinella, which has been manufacturing soaps since 1956 in keeping with ancient Italian traditions. The new solid hair and body shampoo by Iteritalia is a multipurpose product, a sustainable alternative to common liquid soaps: with 99% ingredients of natural origin, reduced water consumption and plastic-free packaging. It gently cleanses the body and face and helps preserve the natural moisture of skin keeping it soft, fresh, and silky; and keeps hair naturally soft, weightless, and easy to comb. The solid hair and body shampoo helps limit product waste: an 85 g bar can last for up to 50/60 wash cycles.

Biofarma Group

Biofarma Group, a company present at Cosmopack, produces and packages cosmetics, dietary supplements, and medical equipment. Biofarma Group passionately believes in sustainable development and in guaranteeing mental and physical well-being through a proper lifestyle with the support of increasingly sustainable functional foods, probiotics, and cosmetics. The company has developed a line of solid, low water consumption shampoos and conditioners; compact products that are travel friendly and facilitate the use of biodegradable and sustainable FSC packaging solutions. The formulations do not use water or preservatives and offer superior performances compared to liquid formulations, enabling the use of rational doses while also reducing the amount of water and product wasted.


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