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The keys to success for Cosmoprof Awards Winners

The best 2024 beauty products have been unveiled at Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna.
The 6th edition of Cosmoprof & Cosmopack Awards, the “Oscars of Beauty” in collaboration with the international agency BEAUTYSTREAMS, celebrated the excellence of the cosmetic industry among the exhibitors of Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna.

Cosmoprof & Cosmopack Awards 2024 highlighted products, formulations, packaging, design, technology, materials, and ingredients among the most innovative proposals at a global level, rewarding the research and the company investments.

2024 winners are the result of the know-how of more than 30 important personalities of the beauty industry from around the world.

Among the 700 nominations presented by the exhibitors, for the first time a technical jury analysed the proposals and their value in terms of innovation, circularity, and appeal to the market. For winners a multidisciplinary jury merged with the technical jury, which expressed the preferences both online and on-site.

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What made the winners successful? Let's find out.


Regenerative Beauty – Microbiota Vitality Cream is a “slow aging concentrate” contains prebiotic and postbiotic actives, with 89% of its ingredients organic and is obtained from the company’s Naturalis Bio Farm in Salento, Italy. Jurors singled out the “hyperlocal” aspect of the product’s sourcing and the fact that the company engages in regenerative farming, which protects and enhances local biodiversity and soil fertility. Additionally, the ingredients are extracted using a cold extraction KM0, or zero kilometer, production process. “The circular economy aspect that this company is executing shows there is a way to create products that are good for both people and the planet,” said one juror. Others on the panel liked the combination of prebiotics and postbiotics in this “well-executed” product, noting that it claims “to increase good flora and decrease bad flora.” One juror added that the Microbiota Vitality Cream provides “a lovely story on sustainability [and] traceability.”

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Tremendous […] form meets function,” was one juror’s verdict on Dyson’s new Dyson Supersonic rTM hairdryer, designed specifically for professionals. The new dryer is Dyson’s lightest, smallest, and most precise styling tool, enabled by what the company bills as “power-dense technologies.” These include a new technology streamlined heater for precision styling, the Dyson HyperdymiumTM motor for high velocity airflow, and intelligent RFID sensors in each attachment which communicate with the hair dryer, automatically adjusting the motor and heater. “This product […] enhances the user experience while still offering superior results,” said one juror, who also praised the hairdryer as being “very quiet.” Another “loved” the curved stand design and its magnetic function. To ensure hairstylists’ comfort, the dryer is designed to be 30% smaller and 20% lighter versus the Dyson SupersonicTM, alongside being more maneuverable, drying hair faster and promoting shiny hair. “The focus on listening to the customer (the professional stylist) has led to the right innovation for the industry,” noted one juror.

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CosmeRNA Anti-Hair Loss Tonic, a hair loss treatment that attracted the jurors’ attention for its “innovative” concept. It uses patented SAMiRNA technology to target the root cause of androgenic alopecia at the hair follicle. The formula targets androgen receptors in a bid to stop androgen binding to those receptors, thus staving off androgenic alopecia. Its CosmeRNA68 ingredient acts to down-regulate the over-stimulated androgen receptor, reducing hair loss when used every two weeks. “The biotechnology and the use every two weeks – as opposed to daily – makes this a standout product, different from what is on the market today,” said one juror. Others liked the syringe-like applicator’s “creative dispensing system,” alongside the product’s clinical data. A clinical study in Europe by Dermatest demonstrated that the CosmeRNA Anti-Hair Loss Tonic improved androgenic alopecia after applying 1ml every two weeks for six months. “The RNA tech really stands out here, and this product solves multiple user experience problems associated with other hair loss prevention treatments.” Indeed, Bioneer Corp. notes that its RNA tech sidesteps the hormonal side effects that traditional anti-hair loss treatments that block DHT can induce, such as loss of libido and changes in mood.

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MIRACLETOX Light Angelto Cream’s patented, edible insect oil ingredient, composed of mealworm and grasshopper oil, caught jurors’ attention. The ingredient is intended to relieve itchy, dry skin and strengthen the skin barrier, to address conditions such as atopic dermatitis. One juror noted that they “loved the use of insect ingredients as it's sustainable and new,” pronouncing the cream “a very interesting product.”  The mealworm and grasshopper oil blend is derived from Korean edible insects bred in the country’s Jirisan mountain region, fed with maclura ferment enzyme (also known as pesticide-free vegetables), making the oil effective in easing atopic dermatitis. A 47% concentrate of cypress water replaces purified water in the formula, while four seaweed extracts have anti-inflammatory properties and soothe sensitive skin. “The choice of ingredients here is sensational,” said one juror. “Cypress water is picking up in markets outside of Asian countries, seaweeds are very desirable now; and insect oils (especially as these insects are being fed a special diet of maclura ferment enzyme) are so compelling, putting benefit claims ahead of vegan trends.” Others liked the product’s “light and soft texture,” and its clinically proven results, showing that the cream reduces dryness and itching by 61.4% after two weeks of use, with jurors appreciating that the product can be used by both infants and adults.

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A micellar water in powder form, designed to be mixed with water in its refillable bottle, the LastObject Micellar Water won jurors’ praise for its sustainability and innovation. “What stands out for me is the powder form the product comes in, making it easier to transport or ship, avoiding leakages,” noted one juror. The waterless formula means the product weight is reduced by 90% compared to traditional liquid micellar waters, the brand states. “It’s a sustainable idea and a great experience for the consumer to reconstitute the product at home,” said one panel member, with another praising the product as “one of the first truly functional micellar waters that comes in a powder format.” The product contains natural sugars, amino acid, a hyaluronic acid derivative, and glycerin, which combine to cleanse the skin, while niacinamide evens skin tone and boosts skin’s barrier. To use, water is added to the powder, shaken for 30 seconds, and then left for 30 minutes to create the micellar water. Another juror liked the product’s “smart and cool packaging.”

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LastRound Pro, a reusable alternative to single-use cotton pads was named the winner in the nail category for a concept that combines “ecology, economy, and practicality,” one juror said. These pads can remove both highly pigmented nail polish or make-up and are made from 30% short cotton fibers and 70% wood fibers. After use, they can be machine washed in a laundry bag. “The fact that it feels like a cotton round when dipped in water is a game changer. Sustainable, reusable and feels right,” said one juror. Another pronounced it “a great concept that aims to help consumers move away from single use cotton make-up removers.” LastObject says that the seven reusable pads replace over 1,750 single use cotton pads. According to its third-party validated analysis, compared to single use cotton pads, the LastRound Pro reduces carbon footprint by 90%, water consumption by 92%, and the amount of land used by 99%, making the product 24 times better for the environment.

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2in1 Eyes First – Lash & Brow Serum is a two-in-one serum that enhances both brows and lashes, jurors liked this product for its formula, packaging, and 3D roller applicator design. “Love the innovative 3D mini-roller applicator, a brush that rotates and delicately massages the eyelashes during application, moving toward distributing the formula perfectly,” said one juror. The serum blends peptides and pro-vitamin B5 to fortify lashes and brows, which the brand says helps to reduce hair loss in two weeks. And the Chinese schisandra berries in the formula add two millimeters to lashes and brows in 28 days, a result validated by in vivo tests. One juror liked that the serum could help cancer patients who are dealing with hair loss, while another appreciated the “non-sticky consistency.” The sleek aesthetics of the product also won praise from jurors. The panel also appreciated the product’s proven clinical results: after two weeks of use, the serum delivers a 5.1% increase in eyelash volume and a 6.4% increase in lash area. And after four weeks of use, there is an 8.2% increase in lash volume and a 6.2% increase in lash area.

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“Love this idea of pre- and post-sun protection care,” said one juror of Rhea Cosmetics’ RevitalSummer – Face & Neck Longevity Sun Treatment. The treatment comprises a Pre-Sun formulation to prepare the skin for tanning by stimulating melanin production, alongside offering antioxidant and regenerating benefits, and is used for 15 days before sun exposure. Added to this is the Post-Sun blend, to be used for 15 days starting from the first sun exposure, with a pentapeptide that activates melanin synthesis to increase skin pigmentation and strengthen the skin's defenses, and zanthalene to soothe the skin. “The packaging and delivery are well done, giving the effect of a pharmaceutical product,” said one juror. Another singled out the use of the Deinococcus sp. microorganism ingredient, which has the ability to restructure UV-damaged skin cells and repair tissue damage caused by sun exposure, calling it “super compelling.” “The combination of protection and tanning benefits is noteworthy, and the concept of pre- and post-sun treatments (and in combination) is very smart,” they said.  

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The panel praised the “innovative idea” of LastObject’s LastSwab Original Pro, a reusable cotton swab. The swab is designed with a bumpy tip to pick up any debris, and is made from TPE, a silicone-like material that feels soft to the touch. It is intended to be used more than 1,000 times, replacing up to 1,000 single-use swabs. Jurors called it a “very sustainable and clever product,” and liked that it contributes to helping to reduce CO2 emissions. Indeed, LastObject states that according to its third-party validated life-cycle analysis, using the swab represents an 83% reduction in CO2 footprint, reduces water consumption by 92%, and is 8.3 times better for the environment compared to using a cotton swab. The panel pointed out that it offers “little effort for maximum [environmental] impact.”

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Korres’ Lefko Eau de Toilette, which is inspired by “the clean scent of freshly painted Aegean houses, painted white to reflect the sun,” won strong praise from the panel. Jurors called it “a great product, with simple and elegant packaging,” while others noted that the fragrance “reflects the sun and the warm mood of Greece very well.” Indeed, the scent’s notes are drawn from Greece, and include lily of the valley, to evoke Greece's lush gardens, alongside rose and peony notes. Jurors noted that the fragrance uses naturally sourced alcohol and natural ingredients and offers a recycling program for its returned bottles. The panel also appreciated the fragrance’s unisex nature and minimalist bottle, which was deemed “beautiful.”

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The ONEA Baby Top to Toe Wash was singled out for its foam texture, no-tears formula, attractive packaging, and the brand’s philanthropic initiatives. The panel also said they “like the ingredients [that are] based on Australian organic botanicals.” Among the formula is Australian apple seed oil, an antioxidant that protects the skin; kangaroo paw flower, an anti-inflammatory ingredient that boosts skin’s hydration; Australian Kakadu plum, which contains more vitamin C than oranges; vitamin E to moisturize; and antioxidants and minerals to soothe skin inflammation and naturally relieve eczema. “Beautiful packaging, lovely texture, and great ingredients. Love the sustainable aspect and certification,” commented one juror. Others also pointed to the brand’s give-back program in association with Australia’s Nappy Collective as “a nice connection to their customer base of moms and babies.” The partnership means that with each product bought, the brand donates AUD $1 to the Nappy Collective, an organization that helps families in Australia who lack access to nappies.  

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