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For the 2019 edition, Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna brought in four international “brand ambassadors”. They reflect the values of the trade show thanks also to their cultural and professional backgrounds that make them perfect representatives for a show that is aiming to continuously broaden its horizons. They will be at Cosmoprof to share the latest innovations, their favorite brands and everything the show has to offer, in real time.



JENIFFER KIM - "Meejmuse" - Seoul

Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, Kim has lived in Seoul, North Korea, for five years. Her content mixes Korean and western cultures. On her YouTube channel, she offers tips and opinions on beauty, tutorials, videos on Korean lifestyle and fashions, with a fun, fresh style.  Thanks to her charm and her great appeal with viewers, she’s also become a TV presenter for important Korean networks.

Instagram: @MEEJMUSE


Renée Chow – “Gothamista” – New York

Renée Chow, known as Gothamista, is a beauty and skincare expert in New York who also has more than 10 years of experience in the industry. Her unique, modern style and in-depth knowledge of these topics have garnered her an audience that follows her well-made YouTube videos, Instagram posts and blog. She has a talent for explaining trends and technological innovations in the cosmetics industry in a simple way.

Instagram: @GOTHAMISTA


Marion Moretti – “Cameleon” – Paris

A make-up artist since 2010, Marion is considered a chameleon of cosmetics. Her style is artistic and over the top, and her tutorials on make-up and hair can be found in the most important web publications throughout the world, to the point where they often go viral. She will soon launch a capsule collection of beauty products with a brand that is still “top secret.” 



Habiba Da Silva – Birmingham, UK

This 24-year-old born in the United Kingdom has Lebanese and Brazilian roots. Habiba has more than 1.5 million followers in total on her social-media channels, and is most famous for her videos on fashion and beauty. She has become an icon for women who wear the hijab (and even those who don’t) thanks to many collaborations with brands throughout the world. Habiba has even launched her own brand of hijabs meant for “all skin tones.”  


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