Cosmoprof Network Worldwide

Cosmoprof Network Worldwide

The Cosmoprof Network

If you are looking for a partner in developing your beauty business all over the world, The Cosmoprof Network is the perfect match!

Thanks to a global community of over 500,000 stakeholders from more than 190 countries and regions, the Cosmoprof international network facilitates networking and commercial relations in the best performing markets for beauty across all countries, thanks to its b2b trade shows in Europe (Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna - Italy), Asia Pacific (Cosmoprof Asia - Hong Kong), the Americas (Cosmoprof North America - Las Vegas and Miami), India (Cosmoprof India - Mumbai) and ASEAN region (Cosmoprof CBE ASEAN - Bangkok, Thailand).

Be part of our global community and join the Cosmoprof international network around the world to boost your business, discover emerging trends, and meet peers and new potential partners.


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